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January 12 2014

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January 10 2014

"I wanted you not to be dead."
"Yeah well be careful what you wish for."

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cutie drunk pie

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Whoa, whoa, whoa!
No, look, this is a famous detective, it’s Sherlock Holmes.

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Sherlock QA - Guys this is important!






Sherlock returns - but will things ever be the same again?

Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss are doing a Sherlock Q&A after the final Series Three episode has aired. 

This is our opportunity to have our voices heard. 

Be polite. Be concise. Be honest. 

Ask about the lack of LGBT representation. Ask about the lack of diversity. Ask about Irene Adler being written as a lesbian and then falling for a man. Ask about the sexism. Ask about the queerbaiting. Ask about the racism. Ask about Anderson and the portrayal of mental illness.

Send as many respectful questions as you can manage. 

We can do this, guys. We can get heard. And maybe we can make some sort of change. 

Reblog this if you can. Spread the word. 

Claudia xxx

i’ve sent three questions so far, how many have you all sent? there are so many things i find troubling with Sherlock as a show, but to try to confine that into not rude questions proved a lot harder than i thought

I’ve sent in five so far, three of which were about LGBT stuff and queerbaiting. I wish I was more eloquent and could phrase them better and think of some short, very to-the-point ones about sexism and other stuff without being rude or vague. Would you care to share what you’ve asked? I think sending multiple versions of one question (maybe phrased differently) would increase the chance of them noticing.

I’ve asked about “gay villains” (Irene being gay and Jim being coded as gay) + the whole thing how sherlock and john aren’t “wired that way” but apparently Irene is despite her being a lesbian and how that is trivializing female sexuality, uhmmmmm i’ve sent more but it’s hard to remember haha. oh yeah I also asked about how they justify all the “I’m not gay!” when society is really heteronormative and will go to pretty great lengths to assume two guys are straight friends before anything else and that it’s just not funny.

Currently considering sending in “It sometimes feels that, in your otherwise stellar modernization of the Doyle stories, you did not take enough initiative to make portrayals of people of color and people on the gender and sexuality spectrum less Victorian. How much of this would you ascribe to the original stories? Will we see any development of such characters if you intend the show to continue? Do you think, considering the political and social climate in London, that your show provides an accurate representation of “modern” Sherlock? Good luck!”

Tags: Sherlock
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