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January 19 2014

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January 16 2014

Hi-res linksPage OnePage Two

Here are the first two pages of the Knights Errant reboot I’ve been working on on-and-off the past few months. Tentative title for this reboot is Knights-Errant: Pavane. Posting pages here while I figure out a hosting situation.

I really wrote myself into a wall with the last draft of Knights-Errant and I wasn’t enjoying working on it. I essentially started the story too late in the timeline which forced me to tell a lot of events instead of showing them. In this reboot, the characters you’ve all come to know are the same, but the sequence of events will be much different.

I know webcomic reboots are usually side-eyed but I hope you’ll stick with me as I try to do Knights Errant’s story more justice.

Reblogs greatly appreciated, as always!

Knights errant: pavane | chapter one - page six
hi-res link.
« start from the beginning || next »
reblogs appreciated, as always! 

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January 12 2014


"… this is one of the last paintings Van Gogh ever painted. Those final months of his life were probably the most astonishing artistic outpouring in history."

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