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August 25 2014

April 19 2014

that is the beautiful and amazing Kat Dennings in the role of Max Black in the Series "2 Broke Girls". :) have a lovely day. x

April 05 2014


Hello there,
long time no see (read,etc. whatever)!
Sorry, this may seem a bit cheeky, what with me not being around at all on Soup ...but I'm super excited! :D
I've now got a Facebook-page..it kinda makes things feel even more official. look at me, picking a path for the future...;)
well, you'd make me very happy if you'd check it out :)
I hope all of you are doing great, I wish you all the best and hopefully see you around online!
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April 04 2014

Queen B. The healthy, good inspiration too many but sadly not to all. 

March 03 2014

cheers & all the best to you my dear :) x I.

Soup, Tumblr and other business.

Hey there beloved followers!

I am basically stopping posts here on Soup, because it's such a huuuge effort to me ;) and I'm trying to act like a social human being and spend time not on the Internet.
But to make things less time-consuming for me I created another tumblr for soup-ish sort of posts:

I still have my general photo-tumblr where I post basically anything I find halfway decent:

and I created a Portfolio, a 500px Page and I created a short movie and posted that on Vimeo.

so if you feel like tracking my movements online and whatever I create etc. please, do check out my stuff.

love, hugs, kisses etc. etc. 
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February 24 2014

do not thank me...your kind words brightened up my day :)

February 23 2014

THIS! everyone, stop and read this comment. 
thank you , this is....beautiful, heartfelt, grounded and ever so...wonderfully put in words. your words are inspiring. thank you. 
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Chcę Cię.
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February 20 2014

haha quite after the motto,: two advices for success - 1. don't tell everyone everything you know.

February 12 2014

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